User-Defined Fields

Weston WilliamsonFeatures

One of the biggest benefits of using ChurchTrac is having all the information for your congregation stored in one place. But what good is that information if you don’t have a way to neatly store and sort it? Say hello to User Defined Fields!

User-Defined Fields give you the ability to create your own People screen fields. This is extremely useful for when there is not a built-in field for the information you want to track.

To get to User-Defined Fields simply log in to your ChurchTrac Admin account and click People > Config > User-Defined Fields


Once you are in the User-Defined Fields menu you can add/edit fields for both individual users as well as families. Though ChurchTrac already has some fields by default, we give you the ability to truly customize what fields you actually want to have. After all, every church is unique and deserves more than just a “one size fits all” solution.

User-Defined Fields are a powerful tool that can not only make your admin life easier, but they can add to the safety of your congregation. Fields for specifying “Allergies” or “Background Check” are great examples of how to sort your people smartly to keep them safe!

For more info on User-Defined Fields, check out our Support Page.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to maximize ChurchTrac so you can maximize the one thing you can’t buy…Time.