New CTO Updates

Josh TrentUncategorized

We’ve released a few updates to ChurchTrac Online. The first is a new option to split the list of names on the People screen into pageable segments. This enables customers with larger databases to load and use the People screen significantly faster than before. Also, customers with older or slower devices can see a speed boost by using pagination. From the Home screen, go to Preferences, then People Screen Preferences, to turn pagination on or off. However, pagination will occur automatically with any Smart List that contains over 1000 names. Additionally, we’ve updated the Attendance Check-In screen. You now have the ability to check out an individual, in addition to the entire family. People selection lists, like those found on the Giving screen, will now show names that have been archived. The archive feature is something we have added recently to customers who are on our newer plans. It enables you to hide certain names that you may not need, or that you don’t use regularly. Archived names do not count toward the number of names you can enter with your subscription plan. With the new selection list update, you can quickly unarchive a name for use again in the application. If you’re having any trouble with the application after these updates (things not working correctly, etc.), be sure to click the Refresh button on your browser. Finally, in the next few days we’ll be rolling out a major new feature…for now let’s just say that it is so big that one of the screens in CTO is getting a new name!