Need Children’s Ministry Volunteers? Do This One Thing.

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Before I tell you how to get more Children’s Ministry volunteers, I’m going to tell you about something I hate. I HATE grocery stores. Though I’m not a list maker, I like to go into a grocery store with at least a game plan. My game plan consists of me having either a mental list or a string of text … Read More

Preparing For Easter

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After having a month to recuperate from a busy Christmas and New Years, It’s time to prepare for Easter! Easter is an important time of year to reflect and celebrate the Love of our God. Many of us can expect a large influx of visitors to walk through our church doors to take part in worship with us. Like you, … Read More

4 Things Every Church Podcast Needs

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Every day, more and more churches are embracing the idea of starting their own podcast. It’s for good reason too! Podcasting has been consistently¬†growing at a rapid pace and churches everywhere are embracing the idea of being able to cheaply produce their own commercial-free podcasts right from their website. It’s a great way to give both your visitors and members … Read More

Should My Church Podcast?

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Podcasts have been around a while. For those of you unaware of what a podcast is, it’s basically like having your favorite radio shows available to download at any time in any place. In the same way that Tivo’s and DVR’s changed how we watch TV, podcasts have completely changed how we listen to Radio. Podcasts are rapidly growing into … Read More

Merry Christmas!

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From all of us at the ChurchTrac family, we want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! As some of us prepare to have family over, cook some of our favorite foods, or quickly wrap some of the last minute gifts…Let us be reminded that Jesus is the reason for the season. 6 For to us a child … Read More

All Aboard the ChurchTrac Express

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When we set out to make ChurchTrac years ago, we wanted it to be an all-in-one solution that could help churches on multiple fronts. We know firsthand that churches can be complex places. You have everything from Sunday schools, church services, youth groups, musicians, finances, child care, preaching, and sometimes multiple events throughout the week. If you don’t have all … Read More

How to Effectively Lead Worship During the Holidays

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Christmas is coming soon. Are you ready? Depending on your church and your people, there can be lots of work to be done to get ready for the season. If you’re a Worship Leader or oversee volunteers in your church…this recent blog post from our WorshipTrac Team is a great read! How to effectively lead worship during the holidays.  


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If you’ve been in ministry long enough, then you know how challenging it can be at times to get your congregation involved to serve or give. There are seasons when I feel like the majority of my time is being spent on begging people to volunteer or serve in various ministries around the church. It can get exhausting! According to … Read More

Church Growth

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If you google “church growth” you will be flooded with books, blogs, and videos showing how to do so. As great as these resources may be, you have to take them with a grain of salt. It’s easy to get caught up in reading about another church’s growth method and wrongfully try to apply their strategy to your own. The … Read More

It starts with a smile

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One of my favorite things about going to my church is that I know the moment I walk in, I will be in a sea of smiling faces. I will be surrounded by people who legitimately care about me and my well being. No matter what the world is trying to throw at me in its attempt to break my … Read More