Volunteer Management and Event Registration is Live!

Josh TrentUncategorized

We’re dedicated to providing you with the best ministry tools at a price that is super reasonable. Today we continue that mission with the release of an amazing new feature that we call Event Management. This new feature is integrated into the Calendar screen…but it is so big we had to change its name! The Calendar screen is now called the Events screen!

The new Events screen includes the Event Management feature which encompasses volunteer management, facilities management, and event registration/management. Along with these additions, we’ve made the calendar in ChurchTrac Online more useful with more options. Here’s an overview of what you can do with the new Events screen:

  1. We’ve added several new ways to view the calendar, including several new List views and new Location views
  2. You can make events Public (for event registration) or Private (for volunteer management)
  3. You can assign people (volunteers, etc.) to an event and send email invites to those people too
  4. Invitees can RSVP for an event through a dedicated response page
  5. You can see a running list of which invitees have responded to the invitation, and whether or not they are able to attend
  6. You can view volunteer scheduling conflicts when a person is scheduled for multiple simultaneous events
  7. You can create your own event registration pages and add custom fields or questions, then publish the URL for those pages on your website or public calendar
  8. You can track who has registered for a public event and view their responses to any custom registration fields you have created for that event
  9. You can create locations (facilities) and view calendar events with new location views
  10. You will now be prompted when a location is double-booked for a specific timeframe
  11. Some of these new features, including the facility management feature and new calendar views, are available to all current customers. The Event Management features are only available to customers who are on our newer plans. The new plans also include our newly released name archive feature. If you’d like to switch to one of our new plans to activate these features, please contact us.