Where Did My Toolbar Go?

Our recent updates changed the look of the toolbar. Let’s be honest….some of you love it…and some of you…well, not so much. Did you know that you have the option to choose your toolbar type? By default, the new toolbar style is used, but you can switch back to the old style by clicking Settings, then ‘Your Preferences’ on the … Read More

Refresh Your Browser!

We have updated the Category dropdown list on the Giving and Accounting screens. Because of this, you might need to Refresh your browser to ensure the new components are loaded (to do this, first open the Giving or Accounting screen and then click the Refresh button on your browser’s toolbar). As a general rule, whenever something doesn’t seem to be … Read More

Is ChurchTrac Online Broken?

We’ve had several reports from users that some things are “broken” after the new updates to CTO last week. There have been a few new bugs which were quickly squashed, however, most people who are having problems with the update are those using outdated browsers. Our recent updates included a new set of widgets and components that do not work … Read More

Where Do I Enter My Name?

We’ve just updated ChurchTrac Online with our biggest update to date! You’ll notice a lot of changes, and the first is on the log in page. You no longer need a pin number to log in to your account. When you log in, you’ll also notice that the interface has been updated with a sleek new design. Take a few … Read More