New Feature: Event Registration Caps


We’ve now added the ability to set limits on the number of registrations for public events. Here’s what it looks like from an admin point of view:

Why set Event Caps?

Event Caps are great for when you only have a certain number of spots available for an event or service. Whether it’s a worship night, women’s event, or a Sunday worship service… event caps will help keep you from overbooking spaces.

What happens when people try to register for a full event?

Once the cap has been met for an event, the system will no longer allow any additional registrations. Would-be registrants will see the following when trying to register for a full event:

Canceling Registrations

Your people can also cancel their registration if they are unable to make it, thus opening up their spot for another registrant.

Speaking of Events…

Did you know that you can create Event Cards for your events and give your people the ability to register for them directly from Church Connect? Learn how to create an Event Card and more!

Till next time 👋