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ChurchTrac Online Church Membership Software

The easy-to-use church software that won't break the bank.

ChurchTrac Online is a web-based church database for PC, Mac and Mobile.

Keep track of people, groups and attendance, calendar and finances.
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Discover the church management software trusted
by thousands of ministries worldwide.

manage your membership

Manage Membership

Keep up with members,
prospects and guests.
Record baptisms and
important dates.
Create picture directories.

Grow Your Ministry

Improve communication.
Organize your ministry teams.
Track spiritual progress.
Track SHAPE ministry profiles.
Print absentee reports.
Plan and schedule events.

Grow your ministry

Tackle Finances

Track contributions.
Print giving statements.
Balance your bank account.
Generate church budgets.
Organize pledge campaigns.

Child Check-In

Nursery and preschool security with optional barcode scanning.
Secure check-in and pickup.
Notate allergies and instructions.

Child Security
Groups and Attendance

Attendance Tracking

Manage Groups and track attendance for Sunday School, worship and other events.
Print reports and view
attendance trends.

Send Messages

Improve communication.
Send voice and text messages
(Additional fees apply).
Send emails to one or many.
Print letters and labels.


Follow-up and Outreach

Keep up with guests and visitors.
Organize your follow-up efforts.
Generate maps and print
visitation profiles.
Record notes and events.

And so much more!

Keep up with calendar events.
Free congregational access portal.
Log in from any
internet-connected computer, iPhone or iPad.


And if you haven't noticed yet,
our most impressive feature is our price.

Access your account and data with our new iPhone and iPad web app.

We've made it easy to look up people, create notes, and take attendance from your iOS device.

iPhone app

Here at ChurchTrac we're committed to
providing you with church software that is:



Most pastors spend more on coffee than their churches spend for our software.




We have all the tools you're looking for, plus a few you didn't even know you needed.


Ministry Software


This is the only church management software created entirely by pastors.



Easy to use.

You don't need a degree in computers to use it. Plus, any help you need is free.

Easy to Use

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"If I could design a church software program, it would be just like ChurchTrac. I keep telling these guys they need to charge more, but they just won't listen."
--Dr. Troy Dixon



"This is the best church management program I have seen. We were using a different program, but this is much easier to use...keep up the good work."
--Wesley Lewis


About Us

Our company was formed "in the trenches", so to speak, where ministry meets need. ChurchTrac was conceived in 2003 when the company founder, Byron Tedder, developed a software program at the request of his pastor. The church staff was looking for a database to help keep track of spiritual gifts, ministry positions and prospects. So Byron got to work. As additional needs arose, Byron continued to enhance the program to include more and more aspects of church management. In 2004, Byron began offering the software as a ministry to other churches--free for smaller churches--and affordable for larger churches. Thus, ChurchTrac was born.

ChurchTrac Online continues in this tradition of powerful, affordable software. Our desire is to be a help and a blessing to your Christian ministry. Today thousands of churches are benefiting from the tools and services ChurchTrac provides.

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